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Construction Enclosures

Shrink wrap can also be used for construction enclosures. These enclosures minimize time lost on job sites due to poor weather conditions, and contain construction debris within the enclosure reducing costs associated with post construction clean up. Shrink wrapped enclosures allow natural, UV filtered light in, while preventing precious heat from escaping during colder months.

Shrink Wrap

Marine Equipment
Aircraft & Aircraft parts
Automobiles, RVs, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, ATVs


Farm Equipment
Pallets & Freight
Steel & Lumber
Construction Enclosures / Hording
Temporary Enclosures ( i.e., storm damage)
Hot Tubs & Spas

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Don't shrink your investment - Shrink wrap it !

VMG Marine provides convenient, on-site shrink wrapping services so your items are not exposed to the elements any longer than necessary. We are fully insured with skilled technicians.

What is shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is a strong, durable plastic wrap that provides protection against the elements when shipping or storing commercial, industrial, residential, and recreational items. Shrink wrap is waterproof and offers UV protection.

Why use shrink wrap?

Shrink wrap is an inexpensive alternative to inside storage, and fits items of any size and shape perfectly. Items are kept clean and dry, while minimizing rust, corrosion, and mildew. It also minimizes the problems that accompany heavy, dirty, flailing tarps which can chafe and scratch paint surfaces.

Vents can be installed throughout the shrink wrap to minimize moisture in the enclosure, deterring mildew, while zippered doors can be installed to provide access to the enclosed item year around.

That’s a wrap!

You name it - we'll shrink wrap it !